Jennifer’s Bio

At the age of twelve, Jennifer was gifted with the rare and debilitating disease, Dermatomyostis which caused her immune system to attacked her muscles.  At the most challenging point of her condition, she was too weak to get out of a chair or a bed and even swallowing became difficult. She went into remission from the age 17-20, but the condition returned and was re-diagnosed as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. From age 21-24, her joint pain was so extreme it felt as though hammers were constantly striking her joints. Although her pain was difficult, it brought a revelation: she did not have to become a victim of her disease. Her 7 years of Shamanic studies taught her she not only could find inner strength, but also wisdom within nature as well.

Jen’s belief that the mind-body connection could create a positive and healing path inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in psychophysiology.

She then worked at the Arthritis Foundation in San Francisco, giving inspirational presentations at hospitals and support groups revolving around pain and arthritis. She helped the chronically ill and those in pain to cope and learn about their power within.

While in San Francisco, she was mentored by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. He brought her a deep awareness of what it is to be Globally Conscious, until his passing in 2016. The following year Jennifer had a strong intuition she should go to India. She had dreams of India 12 days in a row.  She felt something major was going to happen and she needed to be there. Her intuition had never led her astray so she booked a flight. Shortly after arriving, the 2004 Tsunami hit the shores of South East Asia.

Jennifer arrived in Chennai, India four days after the Tsunami. She immediately volunteered to help with grief counseling for the rural villagers. She spent a month in the villages helping with relief work and then traveled for another four months throughout India.  Her awakening to the struggles of other countries infused her with a vision to connect the lesser developed worlds with the developed worlds.  This journey changed her life forever.

She fell in love with the people and the country of India, where she learned about the nature of life and death. This experience would serve her all too soon. A few years after returning home, Jennifer lost her father, grandfather, and grandmother all within seven months.

Traveling the world has been a gift for Jennifer’s spirit. It opened her eyes to the struggles, the joy and the beautiful simplicity of the developing world. She believes that within the darkness there is always the light and has found proof in her own life. Her disease led her to her Master’s degree. Her Master’s led her to helping people with life challenges and inspiring others to find their wells of wisdom within. Her intuition led her to India & Tsunami Relief work. And India taught her about the natural life and death cycle to prepare her for the death of her family members, which led her to hospice volunteering.

Through her personal health challenges and experience working with people in the developing world, Jennifer has grown in spirit. It is this spirit and a belief in personal empowerment that inspired her to create Wells of Wisdom, LLC.