Personal Consultations

Jennifer is a deep listener and has the ability to find the light even in the darkest situations.  She can see your light even when you cannot. She will inspire your creativity and help you reach your ultimate potential.

Jennifer helps you identify the patterns of your life. She looks at your deep personal challenges and helps you examine the events that occurred before, during and after the challenging time. If you have a pattern of health problems, she will give you realistic tools that you can use daily to help you see patterns that may be blocking your growth. If you are not struggling with a major challenge, but simply need energy or coaching to move through that creative block, Jennifer can help you break through the barrier and move you to a fluid and creative space.

Her specialties are working with those with chronic illness, chronic pain, anxiety and those who are in hospice.

If you are interested in having a session with Jennifer please feel free to contact her.

Email :

Phone:  503-877-3453

Office Location: 1427 NW 23rd, Suite #2, Portland Oregon