About Jennifer Thompson Trepanier, M.S.

My deepest beliefs are these: Within darkness there is Light and joy heals. I’ve come to these conclusions after decades of walking hand-in-hand with chronic illness and death. My passion is working with the chronically ill, as well as people who are ready to remove their personal blocks and transform their lives.

I have a Master’s degree in Psychophysiology (study of the mind and body) and I am a contributing author of the book, Spirit of a Woman. I spent years in various work settings – a Fortune 100 corporation, a national non-profit, a startup and founded my own nonprofit Pile of Puppies – exploring ways in which people present themselves to the world and helping them tap into their authentic selves. Though the truth is, it was my life experience, the painful and chaotic times, that have been my biggest teachers.

Below are the challenges I faced and the wisdom that came from those challenges. I do this exercise with my clients and I’ll share it with you. Every challenge given to me has empowered me to help my clients empower themselves.

CHALLENGE: As a teenager I thought I might die, due to a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis.  My immune system attacked my muscles to the point I was unable to get out of bed, on my own, for months due to lack of muscle strength. I finally went into remission 4 years later.

WISDOM: Through visualization, I connected my mind and body and got out of bed!  I became a DEEP believer in guided imagery and
visualization.  My disease led me to my Master’s in Psychophysiology. I followed my passion to help others.

CHALLENGE: At 28, I dreamt of India 14 days in a row. I took a leap of faith and followed my Intuition to spend 5 months in India (living on $300 a month). The 2004 Tsunami hit while I was in Southeast Asia.

WISDOM: I volunteered as a tsunami relief grief counselor. I learned lessons on death and tragedy. Months later, I spent 30 days doing Tantric yoga which grounded me and gave me peace preparing me for the next huge challenge.

CHALLENGE: Suicide of my dad. Then my grandfather died five days later and my grandmother died months later. I entered my thirties with grief by my side.

WISDOM: Having experienced so much death in a short amount of time, led me to sit with the dying. Hospice work opened me to the power of dying, outside of suffering there is so much joy, wisdom and beauty at the end of life phase.

CHALLENGE: Motherhood – At 36 years old, my immune system turned on me while I was pregnant. I had a 64 hour, induced labor. I experienced constant infections for 10 months. 

WISDOM: Two years of health struggles while being a new mom proved to me I could DO ANYTHING. I created my dream – Pile of Puppies, a 501c3 nonprofit, where we surround chronically and terminally ill children with a pile of puppies. I witnessed sick and dying children and their families in pure JOY in what I call, “Joy Healings”. Witnessing over 100+ Joy Healings has filled my soul with HOPE, LIGHT and LOVE.

For every step back I have taken ten steps forward.  All of my life experiences have reinforced my core beliefs: that within darkness there is light. And joy heals.

I now use my experience to help people like you connect with your own inner wise soul. Together we will uncover what is behind your struggle and build your toolkit to tap into your wise one within. Together, we will dive into your full potential.

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