Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for visiting my website. I am happy you are here.

The people I tend to attract to my work are very aware beings. Those who are, or yearn to be, impact makers.  People who are ready to look into their own pain and darkness, so that they can reap the wisdom and the light. People who want to get out of their own way and leave old patterns behind them to bring their authentic self to the table.

Sometimes they don’t see this in themselves, but there is an underlying knowing there are greater things waiting for them. That “inner knowing” is their calling card, that they are ready to do their work. Sometimes in life we need to be reminded that the keys to our life are in our heart and soul. We simply need to access the unconscious desire that causes unwanted patterns in our lives. 

When I work with clients there is a synergy. We work together to locate the pain points (physical, mental or both), then we move to presence with the pain. Lastly, we move to the possibilities of awakening to the wisdom within the pain, so you can make clear powerful steps forward in your life. 

I have been called a pain alchemist, a wisdom whisperer and a transformational agent. I am your accountability partner. I am a mirror for you and a safe place to let go of your deepest fears so you can show up authentically you. 

I’m eager to hear your story. I am here to reflect back to you all the brilliance you hold within your spirit. I look forward to being a part of your journey in finding your wisdom within your challenge.


Jennifer Thompson Trepanier, M.S.

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Services Offered

Initial Personal Development Intake

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Personal Development Sessions

Let’s dive in!

Life Story Interviews Sessions

A great opportunity to share your memories with your family.

Inspirational Talks

Learn about an array of topics Jennifer speaks on.

The Spirit of a Woman

The Spirit of a Woman is a celebration of courageous women living spiritual lives in challenging circumstances. Jennifer is a contributing author of The Spirit of a Woman.  She shares her story of following her intuition which led her to India to volunteer for Tsunami Relief in a rural village. The experience was so profound, her whole perspective on life and death shifted.

News & Updates

Pile of Puppies

Bringing joy to chronically and terminally ill children and their families by surrounding them with a Pile of Puppies at no cost to the families.g