Jennifer Thompson Trepanier, M.S.

JT 1 (2)Jennifer has a passion for helping people unlock their potential and tap into their wells of wisdom. It’s a commitment that began when she was very young. Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Jennifer endured years of struggle where her own immune system attacked her muscles and continually threatened her survival.  But as with many challenges, deep wisdom and power were gained through that experience.  She took that personal knowledge and transformed it into her life’s purpose.  Jennifer  earned a Master’s degree in Psychophysiology so she could use her experience and education to help others.  Whether her clients are in emotional pain, physical pain or in a hospice setting she has a deep understanding of how pain and struggle can bring forth insight.  She uses the tools of guided imagery and coaching to assist her clients through the challenges they face.

Jennifer believes that one of the biggest gifts in life is authentically connecting with people and learning from their life journeys.  She helps her clients tap into their inner wisdom and find the keys within their challenge.  There is wisdom to be found in all of life’s challenges, one simply must be aware they have the answers within to find the peace within the challenge.

Jennifer is a featured contributing author in The Spirit of a Women where she shares her story of the Tsunami Relief work she performed in India after the 2004 Tsunami. Jennifer, founded the nonprofit, Pile of Puppies (POP). POP focuses on bringing litters of puppies to children who have been challenged physically by chronic illnesses.

Session Offerings:

– Initial Personal Development Intake (allow up to 1hr 20 min)
– Personal Development/ Health Coaching – 50 minutes

If you are interested scheduling an appointment with Jennifer please contact her at:


Phone:  503-877-3453

Office Location:
1427 NW 23rd, Suite #2
Portland, Oregon